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Ivan Sutherland has taught several research seminars on GasP Circuits.
History of GasP related classes:
* Spring 2009: "Self Resetting Logic"
* Fall 2009: "GasP Circuits"
* Fall 2010: GasP Circuits that work"
The seminar materials for Fall 2010 can be found at:

Since 2015 we partition designs into Links (for communication and data transfer) and Joints (for computation),
as indicated in our ASYNC 2015 paper "Naturalized Communication and Testing."
We do this to enable collaboration with other research groups that develop self-timed designs,
so we can re-use, exchange, mix, and match different circuit styles and combine them into a single system.

Starting Winter 2017, we offer a new CS-ECE course in collaboration with Professor Bryant York.
The title of this course is: Practicum in Asynchronous Circuits, Systems, and Algorithms.
Its key focus is to develop asynchronous dataflow applications based on Links and Joints
and the full-empty dataflow protocol first published at ASYNC 2015.
Students will use the same ideas to go from hardware design to system and algorithm design.
What this means is that each application developed by a student in this course will have a hardware foundation
that scales and distributes over space. Moreover, that hardware foundation can be implemented using a mixture
of self-timed circuit families: GasP, Click, quasi-delay-insensitive, etcetera. Reasons for a particular circuit choice
may be as practical as "design re-use" or as sophisticated as "energy efficiency."
We will post a subset of the course materials on our ARC web site, but the main web site is hosted at: