• ASYNC 2022 Summer School: 3-day on-line seminar given by Rajit Manohar (Yale University), Benjamin Hill (Intel), Montek Singh (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Marly Roncken, Ebele Esimai, and Ivan Sutherland (Portland State University). Audio presentations and slides are available at https://asyncsymposium.org/async2022. The Portland State presentations cover:
  • Marly Roncken and Ivan Sutherland: Asynchronous Computing, The ShanghaiTech Lecture, 5 July 2018.
  • Marly and Ivan’s joint talk series at Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore, and at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University in Shanghai, January-February 2016: Understanding Self-Timed Circuits.
  • Ivan Sutherland has taught several research seminars on GasP Circuits.
    • History of GasP related classes:
      • Spring 2009: “Self Resetting Logic”
      • Fall 2009: “GasP Circuits”
      • Fall 2010: GasP Circuits that work”
    • The seminar materials for Fall 2010 can be found at: https://arc.cecs.pdx.edu/teaching/fall-2010/.